North Waziristan will receive clean water from two RO facilities.

In order to alleviate the long-standing clean drinking water shortage in the area, the Pakistan Army and Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) recently opened two Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants in the Shiva and Spinwam tehsils of North Waziristan.

Six thousand gallons of clean water will be produced every day by the plants, which were set up as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Residents in the area have been asking for safe drinking water for a long time, and this project is a response to their constant requests. Water-borne illnesses in the region should drop dramatically as a result of the new RO facilities.

A huge number of community people, local leaders, MPCL representatives, and Pakistan Army officials attended the opening event. The occasion demonstrated how committed and cooperative all sides were.

The Pakistan Army and MPCL have received heartfelt gratitude from the people of Shiva and Spinwam for their assistance in seeing this important project through to completion.

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