Officials from the Power Ministry are “responsible” for overbilling

Sources claim that the Prime Minister’s office has received the lengthy report on electricity overbilling that the FIA and other investigative bodies have finished and filed.

The investigation, according to sources, urged harsh punishment against the participating authorities and held the power ministry officials accountable for the electricity overbilling.

According to reports, this week’s actions by the Prime Minister’s Office will involve reviewing the report and making necessary changes.

overspending on electricity

June saw the introduction of a new billing system by DISCOs on directives from the Ministry of Energy, which caused over 0.3 million power consumers to leave the protected category and face higher electricity costs.

Price rises are not applicable to consumers in the protected group, and they are given preferential rates instead.

Shehbaz Sharif, Prime Minister

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was instructed by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on July 6 to open an investigation into the actions of power distribution company officials and officers who charge excess units on their customers’ electricity bills.

He claimed that enforcement action should be taken against the “anti-public” authorities and officials who obtain electricity bills by appending more units to the bill.

According to the prime minister, information on the parties that charge protected customers who make monthly payments of less than 200 units should be made public.

Minister of the Interior

The Federal Insurance Authority (FIA) was directed by Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi to compile information on all distribution firms (DISCOs) that assist consumers who are protected.

Because protected users were included in the non-protected group, Mohsin Naqvi had voiced grave concerns.

He charged the FIA directors with gathering all the evidence in three days and instructed them to check the disco data and produce reports.

A detailed report containing all of the evidence will be presented to the Prime Minister, as per the minister’s directive to the FIA directors around Pakistan to gather the records.

A visit to Gujranwala and Faisalabad to evaluate the situation and gather information was also mandated by Mohsin Naqvi to the Additional DG FIA North Peshawar, Lahore.

Examination by the FIA

A probe into overbilling was underway, and in the meantime, the FBI called the chief of the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) and others.

According to specifics, in an investigation into outrageous billing, LESCO Chief Shahid Haider, the director of IT, the director of customer services, and representatives from the energy ministry were called.

Within 24 hours, the prime minister must receive the investigation report from the FIA on electrical overbilling.

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