Omar Ayub devised a plan to defeat PTI in the vote recount.

Omar Ayub, a prominent leader in the PTI, said that a plot was hatched to re-count votes in 20 constituencies in order to defeat them.

According to the PTI leader, their goal was to have their own members in the legislature so they could enact laws that they want. He asserted that 202 seats were being won by their candidates.

Ayub went on to say that they were opposing the mandate because they believed it to be stolen. The seats that we had reserved were not being offered to us. “We are going to the Supreme Court on this,” he stated.

Speaking of the IMF program, he predicted that the nation would experience a spike in inflation and that the impoverished would only get poorer.

He said that the attorneys were winning cases with great skill. They also claimed that the bat sign was taken away from them in three appeals that they filed with the High Court.

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