On Monday, Senator Bahramand Tangi withdrew a proposal from the Parliament’s upper chamber that called for a social media ban.

The deputy chairman presided over the Senate meeting. Senator Bahramand Tangi dropped his resolution calling for social media to be banned in order to “save the young generation from their negative and devastating effects” after receiving backlash.

Senator Tangi stated that members of the upper chamber of the Parliament have the right to table a resolution on any topic, but he is withdrawing the proposal.

The opposition attempted to make a statement at this point, but the deputy chairman rejected their request, stating that because the motion had been withdrawn, there could be no discussion on it.

The Senator had already raised concerns in his resolution on the use of these platforms to further “negative and malicious propaganda against the armed forces of Pakistan, against the interests of the country.”

He noticed that entrenched interests were using these platforms to disseminate false information on a variety of topics and to establish and support a false leadership in the nation in an effort to deceive the next generation.

The Senate of Pakistan stated, “Therefore, in order to protect the younger generation from their detrimental and destructive impacts, the government should implement a ban on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter (X), and Youtube.”

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