On social media, Fawad Khan is teasing his upcoming movie, “Beat.”

Fawad Khan, the popular Pakistani actor, has enthralled his followers on social media by posting a mysterious teaser about a future film.

Following a significant period of time off from the public, Khan posted a movie poster on Instagram, sparking curiosity and conjecture among his fans.

The fascinating poster boldly displays the title “Beat” and the release date of March 1st. The caption on the image, which only says “Har Dhadkan Ki Kahani” (A Tale of Every Heartbeat), leaves followers wanting more information.

The ad goes on to say that “Beat” would be accessible via over-the-top (OTT) technology, suggesting that Khan may be shifting his attention to streaming services. In addition to Khan, the film has an ensemble cast that includes Shahveer Jaffrey, Irfan Junejo, Junaid Akram, and Daniyal Naeem.

“Beat” is scheduled for publication on March 1st, so fans may anticipate solving the riddle shortly. Meanwhile, there’s no denying that Khan’s comeback to the limelight and his part in this fascinating project have created a great deal of excitement and expectation in the Pakistani entertainment sector.

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