Pakistan and Turkey decide to boost their bilateral commerce to $5 billion.

The ministers examined relations between Pakistan and Turkey and expressed pleasure with the growing direction of the two countries’ relationship in every area. They reiterated their resolve to expand bilateral trade to five billion dollars and beyond.

Additionally, the two ministers decided to strengthen defense and strategic cooperation, as well as their collaboration on all non-military applications of nuclear technology.

Pakistan’s willingness to exchange knowledge and experience regarding nuclear energy and its applications was reaffirmed by Foreign Minister Dar.

According to ARY News, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Ishaq Dar, stated that his country is willing to share its vast experience in the safe running of nuclear power facilities with other countries interested in using nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

The foreign minister stated that Pakistan has 100 years of expertise in operating nuclear power plants because the country’s first nuclear power station was built in Karachi in 1960 while speaking at the first Nuclear Security Summit in Brussels.

According to Ishaq Dar, there are now six nuclear power plants operating in Pakistan. He also stated that the nuclear power industry is being chosen due to the country’s need for energy.

The foreign minister stated, “Affordable, environmentally friendly nuclear energy is the best option for our needs at this time. The world needs energy.”

The foreign minister continued, “He stated that Pakistan is prepared to share its experiences for peaceful purposes of nuclear power.”

According to Ishaq Dar, sustainable solutions are essential for resolving energy-related problems. According to him, Pakistan hopes to deepen its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and cherishes its partnership with it.

“Nuclear safety and security, food and agriculture, and applications of innovative nuclear technologies are the three IAEA collaborating centers. We would like to expand our collaboration on DG IAEA projects such as “Atoms4NetZero,” “Atoms4Food,” “Rays of Hope,” “Zodiac,” “NUTEC Plastics,” and “Marie Curie fellowships,” Ishaq Dar continued.

The foreign minister stated that the meeting is taking place during a period of increased energy demand and related supply-side difficulties brought on by conflicts, wars, and worries about climate change. “Energy security is a top priority for both developed and developing countries,” the speaker continued.

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