Pakistan has recently introduced its inaugural virtual reality classes.

Virtual reality classes have commenced at the Information Technology University of Lahore, marking the first of their kind in Pakistan.

As the pioneer university in Pakistan to provide lessons in the metaverse, Information Technology University will now ensure that students enrolled in online courses experience the same level of engagement as they would in a traditional educational setting.

Students and professors can access their classes from any location by just wearing a virtual reality headset. The teacher will have access to a projector and a board.

In the metaverse, pupils’ movements can be perceived in addition to their questions and responses. According to students, the virtual classroom is highly realistic, making it easier to comprehend the material.

Ibrahim Ghaznavi, the Head of the Department of Computer Sciences, asserts that this initiative will not only conserve energy but also enhance the academic proficiency of students.

According to him, the onset of online classes due to COVID-19 necessitated the enhancement of the infrastructure as students struggled to comprehend the virtual learning environment, which lacked the authenticity of traditional classroom settings. Under the pilot initiative, the university has entered into a formal partnership with the University of Denmark.

The IT industry believes that if lawmakers enact legislation for cutting-edge technology and utilize it to advance education, the global recognition of Pakistan’s significance in this field will come sooner.

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