Pakistan’s debt has increased to $6.06 billion during the current fiscal year.

According to the figures issued by the Economic Affairs Division, Pakistan’s external debt has continued to increase over the first eight months of the current fiscal year, reaching a staggering $6.067 billion.

It is estimated that the country’s external debt will exceed $17.038 billion by the conclusion of the financial year.

Notwithstanding these significant figures, the Economic Affairs Division emphasized that Pakistan’s real debt acquisition has not met the previously planned budget. Pakistan obtained $848 million in bilateral loans from July to February.

In addition, Saudi Arabia is providing $595.1 million to support oil-related agreements. In addition, China played a crucial role by giving loans beyond $67.3 million to support Pakistan’s economic efforts.

In addition, the Economic Affairs Division revealed that Pakistan has gained substantial advantages from programs like the Naya Pakistan Certificate, amassing about $686.8 million through this channel and also obtaining $2 billion through the Time Deposit scheme.

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