Pakistan’s lunar expedition first photograph sent from the moon’s orbit by ICUBE-Q

The receipt of the first image from Pakistan’s lunar mission, ICUBE-Q, is a significant milestone for the country’s space program.

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) held a special event to honor the breakthrough, during which officials gave the Pakistani envoy the first photo shot by ICUBE-Q.

After seven days following the lunar mission launch, ICUBE-Q obtained its first photograph of sunlight. In Pakistan’s space exploration endeavors, the image represents a great accomplishment.

The first lunar satellite of Pakistan, ICUBE-Q, finished its first orbit around the moon in 12 hours, according to the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO).

Approximately 0.36 to 0.4 million kilometers will pass until ICUBE-Q’s signals are delivered to Earth.

As disclosed by a Suparco representative, ICUBE-Q has already finished three lunar orbits and is expected to stay in lunar orbit for the next three to six months.

Every communication system and imaging payload on the satellite is performing at peak efficiency, operating exactly as planned.

This accomplishment shows how Pakistan is becoming more and more involved in space exploration and represents a big milestone in the nation’s technical development.

approaching the orbit of the moon

Pakistan’s ICUBE-Q lunar mission made its lunar orbital entry on Wednesday. Starting from Hainan, China, China’s Chang’E6 started the mission on Friday.

Pakistan’s national space agency SUPARCO and China’s Shanghai University SJTU worked together to build and develop the satellite ICUBE-Q, according to the IST.

To take images of the lunar surface, the ICUBE-Q orbiter is equipped with two optical cameras. ICUBE-Q is now integrated with the Chang’e6 mission after a successful qualification and testing process.

The lunar exploration mission known as Chang’e6 is the sixth in China’s series.

On the IST website and social media channels, the launch event was broadcast live.

Congratulations from PM Shehbaz

With Pakistan’s first satellite sent to the moon, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif hailed the country and scientists. The ‘ICUBE Qamar’ satellite, he claimed, represents Pakistan’s maiden space mission. Similar to the realm of nuclear energy, this area is receiving a lot of effort from our scientists and engineers.

He expressed his gratitude to Dr. Khurram Khurshid of the Institute of Space Technology and the project team members.

Pakistan, according to Dr. Khurram, will have access to its own satellite photos of the moon for scientific use.

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