Pinjra Episode-16 Review: Abhaan is brutally assaulted in jail

Azaan is carrying social media campaign for Abhaan

Ary Digital drama serial Pinjra is 16 episodes down, the story is not progressing much but a major development happens in the latest episode. As it seems like a foreboding that something terrible going to happen with Abhaan. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Court had sent Abhaan to Jail. In this episode, it is shown that Abhaan gets brutally assaulted in Jail.

The episode begins when Javaid is watching Abhaan’s sketches and for a moment we are thinking that Javaid might be having a change of heart kinda state but no he is still the same arrogant one who put the whole blame for this adversity on his wife. Abhaan finds a guy who assures him that he can supply him with the drugs making us realize that the poor boy will get more into this stuff.

The goons who bullied Abhaan earlier are now all set to take their revenge. They brutally assaulted Abhaan in jail and that violent beating gives us chills down our spine. Azaan is a gem of a brother he actually sees him getting injured in his dream and he gets disturbed. Abhaan gets severe injuries and faints. He is admitted into the hospital of the Jail.

The flaw in the whole system is the actual gist of the play. There is no CCTV camera in the prison room and this sort of incident happened the third time in a row but no action has been taken. Police are not allowing Abhaan’s parents to visit him as they want to hide his injuries. However, Javaid’s lawyer insisted and the Police officer finally agrees on letting them meet Abhaan for a brief time and he also imparts the news of his injury. The moment Khadija and Azaan see Abhaan lying with bruises all over his body it is so heart-wrenching to watch this scene.

Javaid after watching his son like this remains unmoved, he is back to his old narcissistic self who blames his wife for everything. He still blindly follows his lawyer. Another issue raised in this play is how influential is the drug mafia that even school management is bound to protect them at any cost just because they give handsome donations. Azaan with the help of his schoolmates starts a social media campaign against the drug culture at school and also for justice for Abhaan. It seems that Azaan is going to pay for daring to raise his voice. This episode seems foreboding that something terrible going to happen with Abhaan.

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