Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Jul 25, 2022 – Jul 31, 2022 – After doing the same old routine, you might realize your life lacks a little excitement when Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Taurus on Tuesday. You might yearn to shake things up, but be careful. Don’t create drama just because you’re bored.

In fact, it might be time to set a healthy routine that will help you through the lunar cycle when the new moon is in Leo on Thursday. The moon in your habit zone encourages you to develop habits that will boost your productivity and self-discipline.

You might want to develop some better spending habits when Jupiter goes into retrograde in Aries and your value zone on Thursday. Over the next few weeks, you could learn a hard lesson in financial responsibility. Learn the value of what you buy, Pisces, which means stop impulsively buying things you don’t need!

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