Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Sep 19, 2022 – Sep 25, 2022 – It’s the fall equinox this week, a time to celebrate the balance between the light and the dark. However, you might be thinking about slipping into the darker side when the sun enters Libra and your intimacy zone on Thursday. This is a great time to learn to balance taboos and what makes you comfortable so you can truly have a rebirth.

Intimate relationships might take the hit this week when Mercury retrograde backs into Virgo and your partnership zone on Friday. This could be an intense week of fighting because you can’t agree on anything. Try to keep an open mind, Pisces.

Luckily, the week ends on a sensual note during the new moon in Libra on Sunday. This is an ideal time to get naughty with your lover, take things to the next level or finally let them go. It’s a day for choices.

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