Pisces Weekly Horoscope

When it comes to major life decisions, it’s never a wise idea to rush. So if you’ve been feeling pressured, hit the brakes this Tuesday, June 7 and check in with yourself. With a sensible quarter moon in Virgo helping you weigh the pros and cons, you’ll see the situation from a balanced perspective. Is this what you actually want—or have you been “going along to get along”? There’s a time and place to be agreeable, but if the changes will affect the entire scope of your life, this ain’t it. For one thing, you’re not here to be anyone’s unpaid personal assistant or ATM machine! But remember, it DOES take two to tango. You were part of setting up this dynamic—and now you can be part of changing it…as lovingly and firmly as possible. 

If you can keep your cool, creative solutions will emerge and they’ll even strengthen these off-kilter relationships. Pro tip: Instead of harping on what’s unfair (which can make you sound like a victim), drum up ideas for collaborating more successfully. If you don’t have any good ideas in mind, reach out to a savvy mentor or coach who can help you brainstorm. And for best results, do that BEFORE you talk to bae, your best friend or a badly-behaving coworker.

Your communication house will be lit this Saturday when enchanting Venus mashes up with rebellious Uranus in Taurus. Bring on the mic drops, viral memes and statement-making everything. You’re no stranger to shock value, Pisces—in fact, it’s one of your healing (and artistic) gifts. Think about the message you want to send out to the world. Then, think about how you might say it more creatively. No preaching, please! Venus serves divine inspiration (and diplomacy!) while Uranus provides the innovative edge. Maybe you choreograph a dance piece, record a comedic monologue on TikTok or design a yoga sequence that focuses on opening the throat chakra for self-expression’s sake.

And if you’ve been snoozing through group projects, shake it up! Although you don’t want to derail productivity, chances are your squad will appreciate you bringing a much-needed dose of inspiration. Before you plow ahead, make sure everyone’s aligned on the plan—and that you’ve created an inspiring enough purpose to keep you fueled during the boring “production” phase. Since Venus is the planet of love, someone from the friend zone could shock you by professing deeper feelings. If you’re in a relationship, use the element of surprise to keep the embers stoked. Just don’t start fights to keep things “interesting!”

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