Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Jun 12, 2023 – Jun 18, 2023 – Growing up can lead to plenty of growing pains this week when Mercury in Gemini squares Saturn in your sign on Thursday. Your family might keep you from growing up and developing your own agency. Don’t engage in arguments that you can’t win, Pisces. Keep your distance or you’ll get burned.

Especially since your home life might be going through some changes during the new moon in Gemini and your family zone on Saturday. You might be dealing with your family more than usual, including having some deep talks. Focus on domestic affairs and solve any problems now before they take over everything.

You could have trouble finding your own path when the sun in Gemini squares Neptune in your sign on Sunday, leaving you tied down to your roots. You need to discover the life you truly want, not the life others want you to live.

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