Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Jul 31, 2023 – Aug 6, 2023 – If the retrograde didn’t end your relationship, the full moon in Aquarius on Tuesday might. With the moon in your transformation zone, you could uncover some hidden secrets about your relationship that lead to harsh endings. You might need some time to sort things out, Pisces, but karma has your back.

Relationships continue to suffer when the moon in your sign opposes Mercury in Virgo on Thursday. You want to open up to your partner, but you could have a hard time connecting. Find a way to break through or it might be time to break up.

The week ends on a stressful note when the sun in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus on Sunday. You might have a hard time getting anything done. From distracting coworkers to endless meetings, find ways to stick to your schedule to find balance.

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