Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Aug 21, 2023 – Aug 27, 2023 – Even with all the various retrogrades, you’ll be focusing on your relationships over the next few weeks once the sun enters Virgo and your partnership zone on Wednesday. You’re ready to find your better half even if there are bumps in the road to this happy union. Remember that teamwork makes the dream work.

However, there might be trouble in paradise when Mercury goes into retrograde in your partnership zone on Wednesday. You could feel anxious about your relationships as you worry about everything and anything going wrong. Keep your partnerships grounded by talking things out.

As summer comes to an end, you’re ready to make big changes to every part of your life and shake things up when Mars enters Libra on Sunday, moving into your transformation zone. Embrace some taboos and focus on growth and changing your life for the better. This is a period of rebirth, Pisces. Embrace it.

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