Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Jan 15, 2024 – Jan 21, 2024 – You start the week on a dreamy note when the sun in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in your sign on Monday. You can see the vision of how you want this year to be. This is a great day for daydreaming as you practice visualization and manifesting. Be open to everything good, Pisces.

After a sociable start to the year, it’s time to go back into hibernation when the sun enters Aquarius and your subconscious zone on Saturday. Focus on tending to your shadow self as you try unique approaches to healing to get rid of any mental stress through meditation and hypnosis.

Saturday also marks a period of profound change as Pluto enters your subconscious zone. All the parts of your psyche will resurface, even the negative ones. Thanks to this transit you can discover your complete self and end one karmic cycle, rewarding you for your hard work.

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