Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Jul 18, 2022 – Jul 24, 2022 – Communication with colleagues and clients becomes even easier over the next few weeks once Mercury enters Leo and your habit zone on Tuesday. However, while it might be fun goofing off with your coworkers, it could lead to a drop in productivity and an increase in drama. Look for balance at the office, Pisces.

Keep working hard and you might get the recognition you deserve when the sun enters Leo and your habit zone on Friday, especially if you’ve developed strong, healthy habits and are practicing self-discipline. Just keep minding your own business and staying out of any workplace conflict.

The weekend brings an extra boost of productivity when Ceres enters Leo and your habit zone on Saturday and you take care of both business and yourself. This is an ideal time to use your energy to improve yourself and find ways to grow as a person. Nurture yourself through hard work.

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