PM orders emphasis on renewable energy to reduce reliance on imported oil.

He was in charge of a high-level gathering to assess the status of projects in the power sector.

In an effort to reduce the amount of oil imported, he gave the order to use all available resources for power generation using renewable and alternative energy sources.

He added that rather than relying solely on costly imported oil, we should concentrate all of our efforts on harnessing the nation’s enormous potential for producing electricity through hydropower resources.

Shehbaz Sharif stated that the transmission and distribution networks are in terrible shape and that a major overhaul of the electrical grid is imperative, requiring significant expenditure.

He predicted that concentrating on solar, wind, and hydroelectric electricity would be beneficial. According to him, the administration is committed to stopping electricity theft.

The nation’s present intense downpour of rain has resulted in the loss of many lives, which the prime minister lamented.

In coordination with the provinces, he instructed the National Disaster Management Authority to expedite rescue and relief efforts in the areas affected by the rain and guarantee that the afflicted individuals receive all essential relief supplies.

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