PM Preside Over K Electric Meeting: KE Representatives Express Appreciation To PM For Handling Their Prolonged Issues

Under the direction of Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar, a review meeting was conducted to discuss different concerns pertaining to Karachi Electric.

Muhammad Ali, the Federal Energy Minister, as well as other senior officials and the CEO of K Electric attended the conference.

The Prime Minister and his colleagues were thanked by the Karachi Electric delegation for resolving the company’s long-standing issues.

The Prime Minister gave the authorities orders to prioritize resolving any outstanding K-Electric concerns.

Speaking at the event, the prime minister remarked that the country has moved toward economic stability as a result of the Caretaker Government’s quick resolution of significant, long-standing issues.

According to him, the government’s first objective is to make all facilities available to foreign investors and the business community so they may make investments in the nation. He claimed that by adhering to this fundamental idea, the government saw success.

The interconnection deal between Karachi Electric and National Transmission and Distribution Company was signed yesterday, to the Prime Minister’s delight.

The CEO of Karachi Electric expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister and other government officials for resolving the company’s issues quickly and effectively.

The Prime Minister stated that the government is working to eliminate all barriers to a continuous supply of energy for Karachi citizens by quickly resolving the outstanding issues.

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