PM urges country to join the government’s Green Pakistan project

Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif urged provincial governments, civic society, and all individuals to collaborate with the government in its efforts to achieve a sustainable and environmentally friendly Pakistan.

Today is focused on making strategic investments for our future. “I implore the country to harmonize their endeavors in protecting this priceless asset and guarantee its efficient management for our future generations,” he stated in a message commemorating the International Day of Forests in 2024.

According to him, Pakistan participated in observing the International Day of Forests 2024 alongside the rest of the world.

The subject for this year, “Forests and Innovations: New Solutions for a Better World,” emphasizes the importance of utilizing technological advancements to tackle the increasing challenges faced by our forests.

The prime minister emphasized that innovations have the potential to effectively address the concerns of deforestation, habitat degradation, and climate change while also promoting the sustainable restoration, protection, management, and utilization of forests.

According to him, Pakistan’s forest cover accounts for less than 5 percent of its entire area, and approximately 1.5 percent of these forests are lost each year. This significant loss has severe effects on Pakistan’s biodiversity, environment, and agriculture.

As one of the countries most affected by climate change, he emphasized that climate-related incidents are occurring increasingly frequently and causing immense destruction in Pakistan. This highlights the critical importance of preserving our native woods.

“This has become crucial for our nation’s survival.”

The government is commencing the next stage of the Green Pakistan Initiative, a project initially initiated by the PMLN-led government in 2016. The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance forest coverage and actively conserve biodiversity in Pakistan. In its upcoming phase, the Green Pakistan Initiative aims to further improve forest coverage, protect wildlife habitats, and contribute to carbon sequestration.

“Considering the significant role that forests play in the environment, we should make a firm commitment to safeguard and preserve them.” Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reiterated the government’s unwavering dedication to taking all essential measures to protect and enhance forest coverage in Pakistan.

“We will guarantee the protection of our vital forest ecosystems throughout Pakistan, as they are essential for the sustenance of our nation’s livelihood and environmental well-being,” he stated.

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