PMD anticipates showers and thunderstorms in the upper areas.

In the southern sections of the nation, dust storms and winds that stir up dust are probable.

Islamabad and Gilgit reported sixteen degrees Celsius, while Lahore recorded twenty-one, Karachi recorded twenty-five, Peshawar recorded seventeen, Quetta recorded thirteen, Murree recorded nine, and Muzafarabad recorded fourteen.

The weather forecast for Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir states that clouds, wind, and the possibility of rain are to be expected in Srinagar, Jammu. Shopian, Baramula, Leh, Pulwama, and Anantnag.

Twelve degrees Celsius were reported in Srinagar, twenty in Jammu, two in Leh, eleven in Pulwama and Shopian, and thirteen in Anatnag and Baramula.

It is important to note that the recent torrential rains caused chaos in Gwadar, Kech district, and other areas of Balochistan, interfering with daily activities and traffic on the Coastal Highway.

In Gwadar’s rain-stricken districts, the district government declared a state of emergency, and paramilitary forces were summoned to assist in rescue and relief efforts.

The coastal district experienced around 160mm of rain in a 12-hour period, according to Met authorities. Roads, businesses, and residential areas of Gwadar town were inundated by floodwaters.

A section of the coastal route that connected Karachi and other locations with Gwadar port washed away.

The torrential downpours also had a significant impact in Jiwani, where three dams burst and boats drifted off into the sea.

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