PML-N is criticised by Yasmin Rashid for “plundering public mandate.”

The leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Dr. Yasmin Rashid, a former provincial health minister, poked fun at the PML-N on Wednesday by demanding that its leaders be held accountable for their actions during the general elections.

Speaking outside the anti-terrorism court in Lahore, she charged the PML-N of embezzlement of public funds and said that they were now trying to rig the public mandate.

She reminded the PML-N that the country had made its choice on February 8 by choosing independent candidates supported by the PTI, and she urged the party to honour the will of the people.

She cautioned the independent candidates who had won the support of the PTI not to make coalitions or join any other party. She stressed that if they deceived the voters, the country would not forgive or forget them.

In an environment of fear and injustice, Dr. Rashid also praised the party’s devoted and ardent followers.

She emphasised the difficulties, including the loss of the electoral symbol, limitations on the campaign trail, and many forms of impediment to the PTI’s progress. She claimed that in spite of these challenges, the people tried, recognised the electoral emblems of the candidates, and voted for the PTI.

She congratulated the PTI employees who triumphed in spite of challenges encountered both within and outside of prisons.

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