Pneumonia outbreak: 10 further kid fatalities in 24 hours are reported from Punjab

Ten more children in Punjab, the largest province, have died from pneumonia in the last 24 hours, continuing the alarming trend of paediatric pneumonia deaths.

In the same time frame, the Punjab Health Department reported an astounding 427 new instances of pneumonia in the province, with 149 of those cases occurring in Lahore alone.

According to the most recent data, Punjab has had 20,872 recorded instances of pneumonia this year, with 319 fatalities overall. During the same period, 4,050 cases and 58 fatalities had been reported in Lahore.

Medical professionals have issued a warning, blaming the increase in pneumonia cases mostly on Punjab’s dangerous smog, which is made worse by the city’s high levels of air pollution in the winter.

Immunisation protocols

In response to the dire circumstances, Punjab’s interim health minister, Dr. Jamal Nasir, mandated children’s inoculation against pneumonia on January 11.

Dr. Nasir emphasised that all government hospitals in the province offer free pneumonia diagnostic and treatment services.

Signs and reasons

He emphasised the frequent signs of pneumonia, which include fever, coughing up blood, colds, and trouble breathing.

Precautions against pneumonia were emphasised, including making sure kids wore warm garments and minimising their exposure to the cold. Children’s pneumonia has been linked to a number of conditions, including immune system weakness, extended exposure to cold, pollution, malnourishment, and not nursing.

Even in moderate cases, pneumonia can seriously endanger life. Phlegm and cough, fever, chills, excessive perspiration, shortness of breath during everyday activities, chest discomfort when coughing or breathing, exhaustion, appetite loss, nausea, and headaches are some of the symptoms. Age and medical factors might have an impact on how severe the symptoms are.

Actions and therapies

Chest X-rays are used by physicians to get precise information about the lungs in the early stages.

Patients with viral illnesses are administered antiviral medicines. Dr. Nasir advised everyone to get medical help as soon as any symptoms appear.

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