Politics around missing people fosters chaos for the benefit of other forces

The Supreme Court is now debating the Commission on Missing Persons’ report. It claims that groups waging political games in the name of missing people are causing mayhem and disarray at the request of outside forces.

The report states that there are 10,000 cases of unaccounted for missing people, of which 8,000 have been resolved. Additionally, 2,200 of the 2,700 individuals reported missing in Balochistan have been found.

It mentioned that names of individuals are added to the list of missing persons by groups that are prohibited. Although there aren’t many incidents of missing people in Pakistan, hostile forces aim to present Pakistan as a nation full of “missing persons,” the statement continued.

The constitutional mandate of fundamental human rights has always been supported and upheld by the law enforcement institutions. To safeguard society’s and people’s safety, the security forces have made innumerable sacrifices. Despite these unceasing attempts, every missing person’s disappearance without proof is attributed to the law enforcement agencies.

A well-planned operation to disseminate false information among the public uses social media and a few other media outlets to disseminate this misinformation.

Following the Soviet-Afghan War in the mid-1990s, Pakistan began to experience a missing people crisis. Pakistan has been in the forefront of the fight against terrorism for the last 20 years, but it has the lowest conviction rate for terrorist offenses. The way the law handles suspicions of terrorism is a crucial component of this problem, the research says.

It emphasizes that forced disappearances and incidents involving missing people are not grounded in truth.

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