Project “Apna Chat Apna Ghar” in Punjab has been approved by CM Maryam.

She gave instructions to create the nicest residences at the lowest possible cost and to start these projects close to the cities while presiding over a conference in Lahore today.

It was resolved at the meeting that the Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planning would be consulted over the housing maps.

Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab Maryam Nawaz approved earlier this week the distribution of 1Kv solar systems to 50,000 households in the province.

The decision to examine the province’s energy projects was made during a meeting presided over by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

Protected power customers who use fewer than 100 units of electricity per month will receive a 1 kv solar system. Families qualified for the project would receive two solar plates, batteries, an inverter, and wiring.

In order to relieve the public of costly electrical difficulties, Chief Medical Officer Maryam Nawaz emphasized that the government must guarantee high-quality products.

The administration was instructed to start the pilot project in the province by the Chief Minister of Punjab.

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