Promises PM Shehbaz to stop malaria

As he observed globe Malaria Day, the premier stated, “Pakistan stands by the rest of the world in terms of observing World Malaria Day.”

Noting that 10 million citizens suffer from malaria annually, the premier emphasised the worries around the disease.

“Every individual should have access to a free medical checkup and treatment for malaria,” she stated.

The premier declared a few days ago that Chinese was a useful language for international communication.

Speaking on behalf of Chinese Language Day, the prime minister emphasised the language’s significance by stating, “Even the United Nations (UN) has included the Chinese language officially.”

Speaking on the rising number of individuals learning Chinese in Pakistan, the premier expressed gratitude for the language’s acceptance in the nation.

To promote Chinese language and literature in the nation, PM Shehbaz made it very evident that great efforts were being made.

He offered hope that the people of both nations will grow further closer as more people study Chinese.

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