PSX rises 380 points as it maintains its positive trajectory.

During the day, 303,710,027 shares worth Rs 12.078 billion were exchanged overall, down from 261,194,334 shares worth Rs 8.945 billion the day before.

A total of 333 firms exchanged their shares on the stock market; 171 of them saw gains, 168 saw losses, and 19 saw their share prices stay the same.

Following the general elections earlier this month, the PSX saw a week of encouraging trends and a noticeable increase in corporate activity.

By the end of the workweek, the KSE-100 index had increased by 468 points, or 0.70 percent, to 65,793 points.

The KSE-100 index peaked at an astounding 66,150 points over the week, indicating the confidence of investors. On the other hand, the KSE-100 index dropped to 65,187. Since these fluctuations are a natural part of the stock market, it is important for investors to keep a close eye on its dynamics and make wise judgments.

Throughout the course of the week, 2.12 billion shares, valued at Rs 82.59 billion, were traded on the market.

In addition, during the course of the week, the market capitalization increased significantly by Rs 42 billion, totaling Rs 9,354 billion as opposed to Rs 8,717 billion.

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