PTI leader Asad Qaiser claims that an election with a stolen mandate lacks legitimacy.

Political activist and former speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Asad Qaiser, claimed that running for office while holding stolen public mandates was invalid.

In a speech to the Lahore High Court Bar Association, Asad Qaiser criticized what he called a “black chapter” in the history of the country and offered a bleak image of Pakistan’s current political climate.

Referring to the electoral procedures’ impartiality as being undermined by a stolen mandate, he said that the constitution was being unfairly violated.

Qaiser bemoaned, citing recent occurrences like the May 9 riots, which he alleged were distorted in the media to demonize his party, saying, “The current situation resembles a law of the jungle.”

He emphasized the necessity for openness in the face of what he called a “police state” by insisting that an impartial committee undertake a comprehensive probe into the accident.

Leader of the PTI pointed out that public discontent was on the rise, especially in the province where talks criticizing the government were becoming more common.

Although the military must fulfill its constitutional mandate, Asad Qaisar stressed that the party appreciate and revere the armed services.

Invoking the release of the PTI founder, party officials, and workers, he reaffirmed that the party was unwavering in its resolve to confront injustice and brutality.

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