Punjab’s annual matriculation exams begin in 2024.

The annual matriculation exams, in which 269,428,1 applicants are taking part, began on Friday throughout Punjab.

The matriculation test is being taken by 1297689 males and 1390592 girls, according to information from the Education department.

There are 4088 test centres set up for the matriculation exam. Additionally, 14 examination centres have been established in the province’s various prisons.

The History of Pakistan paper opens the 10th grade examinations. On March 2, Punjabi, English Compulsory and Arabic are the next in line.

The examination session will go on for a little more, covering a variety of disciplines, and end on March 18.

Exams for ninth-graders will start on March 19 and include an English paper test on March 20, an Arabic exam on March 21, and a Pakistan Studies exam on March 21.

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