Rabia Anum will be held accountable if anything were to happen to Ashfaq Ishaq Satti.

TV presenter Ashfaq Ishaq Satti has demanded that the media trial cease until the court makes a decision, claiming that he would be held accountable if something untoward occurred with Rabia Anum.

“Believe me, after 17 years of hard work, I have made it to this point.” “I express my gratitude for the affection you have shown me throughout this journey,” he posted on Instagram in a video message.

Following his suspension by ARY News due to accusations of domestic abuse, he provided an explanation. Following the filing of a first information report against Satti in response to a complaint from his wife, Nomaika Tahir Mehmood, a decision was made. It appears that she is her second wife.

She posted both her and the FIR photo on X. However, the account is no longer active.

Speaking on his conflict with his second wife, he stated that it was crucial to hear both sides of any story. “There are two sides to everything,” Satti remarked, clarifying that his argument with his spouse was the subject at hand.

He continued by saying that although there are arguments between husband and wife in every home, his story was embellished in order to damage his image.

In the seven-minute film, Satti—who was shown sporting a pink shirt—bemoaned the negative feedback he received from the public on social media about his private life. He identified as a “person of innocence.”

The former ARY News news anchor bemoaned the widespread discussion of his private life. He said that the police were looking into the situation and that there should be no media trial.

“When courts are seeing the matters, there is no need for media courts,” he said.

Satti compared his third wife’s demand for a divorce to blackmailing his second wife, Nomaika.

He went on to say that he was receiving personal criticism from anchor Rabia Anum. The anchor added that prior to bringing accusations against him, his former coworker ought to have given him a call or sent him a message.

“Rabia’s remarks have caused me to experience mental torture.” My spouse, kids, and I are getting phone calls that are threatening. “I will hold Rabia accountable if anything were to happen to my family,” he declared.

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