RABTA app: Pakistan Railways’ attempt to revolutionize passenger experience

Railway Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarar inaugurated on Wednesday the operationalisation of the ”RABTA” mobile application for the convenience of passengers.

Titled Railway “Automated Booking and Travel Assistance (RABTA)”, the application intends to revamp passengers’ experience by facilitating them in planning their journeys in advance.

According to the PR spokesperson, passengers could plan their future journeys from the comfort of their homes through the application.

PR Secretary, Mazhar Ali Shah, took to social media to announce the launching of the application terming it as an “Innovative platform to revolutionize the way you plan & experience your journey.”

Initially, three trains including the Greenline train (Islamabad-Karachi-Islamabad) and two railcars (Lahore-Islamabad-Lahore) are connected to the RABTA application.

The application will enable users to book tickets, hotels, taxis, and meals to plan and enjoy a seamless travel experience while travelling via PR.

The ministry plans on linking the remaining trains with the application in the coming days.

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