Railway police give the owner their missing bag back.

A traveller at the Mirpur Mathelo Railway Station left his luggage behind, which included seven mobile phones—two iPhones, one tablet, cash, and two ATM cards.

The bag was discovered by stationed Constable Riyaz Ahmed, who demonstrated exceptional integrity by securely leaving the bags with the Railway Police. Subsequently, the owner received the bag.

Once his luggage was returned, the traveller was ecstatic and complimented the Railway Police for their integrity and hard work.

A lost bag containing jewellery and other valuables was restored to its owner in Karachi by the Pakistan Railways police in a previous incident of a similar nature.

According to information, at Karachi Cantt Station, a ladies’ handbag and an abandoned bag containing jewellery were discovered. The bag was placed in the Railway Police Karachi Division without incident.

A passenger had abandoned the bag, according to Pakistan Railways police authorities. They indicated that the owner had received the bag containing the jewellery.

According to the Pakistan Railways police, the passenger expressed gratitude to the department for being a “model of integrity” and carrying out its duties.

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