Restrictive order request in PIA Privatization case denied by SHC

The petitioner stated that the issue will come under the ICJ’s jurisdiction following the privatization of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Deputy Attorney General Khaleeq Ahmed refuted the plea, stating that there are issues with the petition’s maintainability.

The petitioner contended that the government is not permitted by Article 18-C to privatize the PIA.

The bench commented, “You did not include the Privatization Commission as party in the case, which has been the basic institution.” The bench questioned, “If the cabinet and other institutions can ignore the national interest.”

Chief Justice Aqeel Abbasi stated, “Observe the agreements of privatization of various institutions, the situation will become clear.”

The bench stated, “There are many ways to address the petition, but it is an important matter.” The judge stated that the court will be patiently considering the issue in order to consider all relevant parties.

The petitioner was given time by the high court bench to prepare their case, and the hearing was postponed until May 23.

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