Rs 600 more per tola for gold

In contrast to its sale at Rs245,000 on the previous trading day, the price per tola of 24 carat gold climbed by Rs600 on Wednesday and was sold for Rs245,600.

The price of ten grams of 24 carat gold went up from Rs210,048 to Rs210,562, while the price of ten grams of 22 carat gold jumped from Rs192,544 to Rs193,016 according to the All Sindh Sarafa Jewellers Association.

At Rs2,900 per tola and Rs2,486.28 per ten grams, respectively, the price of silver did not change.

The Association reported that the price of gold on the worldwide market rose by $10, from $2362 to $2,372.

The increase in gold prices is ascribed by market analysts to a number of variables, such as shifts in the global market, changes in exchange rates, and overall economic circumstances.

In the days ahead, investing choices and consumer behavior may be impacted by the ongoing rise in gold prices.

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