Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Oct 17, 2022 – Oct 23, 2022 – It’s time to “grow up” this week, Sagittarius, because you’ll be using more logic than emotion right now when Saturn moves forward in your communication zone on Saturday. This is the time to get focused and learn something new. This is a great time to take classes or hit the books. Think smarter, not harder.

You’ll start to slow down as the weather gets colder and the sun enters Scorpio on Sunday, moving into your subconscious zone. This is a time of deep introspection as you think about the ghosts and ghouls that haunt you. Spend some time alone as you sort through your deep thoughts.

It also isn’t a great time for relationships when Venus enters your privacy zone on Sunday. You might feel more moody than amorous. Your optimism could be clouded by some gray skies as you feel the need to hide yourself away. Be careful with the secrets you keep.

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