Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Distractions abound this week, but don’t let them pull you off course. When the quarter moon in Virgo shines its balancing beams into your tenth house of career goals this Tuesday, June 7, you’ll need to put firm “office hours” in place if you want to hit your target. It’s not enough to inform colleagues that you can’t be interrupted. Tame your own meandering nature by setting your status to Away and closing down all messaging clients except the ones that are pertinent to the task at hand. Look out for the “quick link check,” too! What begins as finding supporting data for your work could turn into lost minutes of doomscrolling, checking out the new Dyson Airwrap or “trying on” glasses in an AI window. (Sorry to tempt you, Sagittarius!) So highlight anything that needs additional research and stay focused on the big-picture goals. Your ability to prioritize is what will help you win.

If no one has handed you a project, how about creating a challenging mission for yourself? Start thinking: What would make your days at the office fly by because you’re so busily engaged? This is a moderate quarter moon, so drum up something you could pull off in, say, one to three months. You may start the fall with a feather in your fedora…and more money in the bank!

On Saturday, beautifying Venus and innovative Uranus team up in your work and wellness zone. Their mission? To abolish stress and ignite your lit-from-within glow. But that idea can be stressful in and of itself—especially if you go to extremes and set an insanely high bar for yourself. So don’t, Sagittarius! Instead, think of this quest as a way to blissfully enhance your life. For example, how about a “farm to pharmacy” revamp of your supplements and beauty supplies? Swap out at least one chemically based product with an all-natural brand…maybe one with argan oil. With edgy Uranus in the frame, holistic and preventative medicine could call your name, like craniosacral or acupuncture. If trying to revamp your lifestyle is overwhelming, just devote the weekend to pleasurable movement. Splash around in a pool, ride your bike or walk along the beach. That alone will be motivation to keep the self-care going!

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