Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Mar 27, 2023 – Apr 2, 2023 – Early in the week is a great time for creativity because there are no bad ideas when Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Aries and your pleasure zone. Express yourself in a creative manner and you could find success, especially if you’re already an artist or creator. Enjoy life to the fullest, Sagittarius!

The end of the month is a great time for intimate relationships when Mars in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces on Thursday. You might find someone with whom you can build a home. Forge deep bonds with loved ones as you create your own family.

Thursday also encourages you to take care of others when Venus conjoins Uranus in Taurus and your habit zone. Tend to others as you help them on the road to independence. Whether you’re taking care of an animal, friend, or partner, help them get them back on their feet.

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