Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Jul 31, 2023 – Aug 6, 2023 – The beginning of August gives you a strong boost of energy thanks to the full moon in Aquarius and your communication zone on Tuesday. You’ll suddenly have a solution to everyone’s problems, including your own. Take a last-minute summer trip to explore a new community and get away from it all. You’ll be glad you did, Sagittarius.

Because your work/life harmony will swiftly become unbalanced when the moon in Pisces opposes Mercury in Virgo on Thursday. You want to be at home, but you have a ton of meetings that keep you chained to your desk. Find balance or you won’t succeed at either.

You want to see the world, but you still have plenty of work to do when the sun in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus on Sunday. While you may be dreaming of a vacation, remember to get your important work done first.

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