Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Oct 23, 2023 – Oct 29, 2023 – As we get into the heart of the spooky season, you might be haunted by your inner demons when the sun enters Scorpio and your subconscious zone on Monday. You’d rather stay in than go out over the next four weeks. As you face your demons, uncover the mysteries within yourself. Be brave, Sag. It’ll all work out.

As you practice self-care, make your home your safe haven when the sun trines Saturn in Pisces on Tuesday. Your place is less like a haunted house and more like a healing space. This is a great time to organize, clean, and stabilize your home so you can heal.

Especially since your bad habits can and will haunt you when the lunar eclipse is in your productivity zone on Saturday. It’s easy to backslide and get back into old habits that haunt you. Be productive and make choices.

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