Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

The urge to run away from it all and escape to fantasyland may get seductively strong starting this Monday, December 4, but resist! It’s a temporary condition brought on by the annual entry of quixotic Venus into Scorpio and your dreamy, introspective twelfth house until December 29. A few things worth noting: Your left brain won’t be operating at full strength for the next three and a half weeks, and your defenses may be down, leaving you open to seasonal colds—and overheated romantic suiters. If ever there was a time to be your eternally optimistic self, it’s this month. Practice being skeptical and imagining that the glass is half-empty—or that the person offering to refill yours may not have your best interests at heart. The merest hint of a red flag should send you running for the exits. On the other side of that otherworldly coin, creatrix Venus in your imagination zone is a boon for artistic, spiritual or meditative pursuits. Keep a notebook and sketchpad by your nightstand: Dreamtime could be teeming with inspired downloads! The twelfth house also rules completions, release and healing, so if you’ve been clinging to something (or someone) that’s not aligned with your current life, pick a date to release it, knowing that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. Stand your ground on Tuesday, when stabilizing Saturn trines Venus—and a balancing quarter moon in Virgo realigns shaky connectionsIf something pushes your buttons or triggers you, don’t take the bait. You don’t need anyone knocking you off your center.

If things on the domestic front have been shaky or hazy—or worse—over the past five months (since June 30), then you will relish the clarity that’s set to come back online this Wednesday. That day, soulful (but hypersensitive) Neptune ends its frustrating reversal through Pisces and your fourth house of kith and kin. The most bewildering thing about Neptune retrograde is that it can be next to impossible to discern what’s really going on. But now that the nebulous planet is resuming forward motion, you can look forward to order being restored in the Sagittarian court. Coupled with the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere, this course correction can intensify nesting instincts. Get ready with a tidying-up and decluttering mission. Resolve petty squabbles with relatives and roomies. And if you’re thinking of relocating, do your research and make a daily habit of checking the real estate listings!

By the weekend, you may have fallen down a rabbit hole with said cleanup project. On Saturday, when beautifying Venus aligns with your ruler, expansive Jupiter, in your sixth house of health and service, you can redirect some of that intensity toward your personal hygiene. Stop procrastinating, and get proactive about things that have been bothering you, whether an ache or pain or just your regular checkup. Putting things off is how small things spiral into large problems. Even if everything is in solid working order, this is a great time for some energy work or preventive care, like a consult with a nutritionist. All steps in the right direction will eventually lead you to where you want to be.

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