Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

When was the last time you Googled yourself, Scorpio? The search results are worth checking out this Tuesday, June 7, as the moderating quarter moon in Virgo logs into your tech-savvy eleventh house. Maybe you forgot about a few of your noteworthy accomplishments, along with a photo that MUST BE TAKEN DOWN NOW. (Whoopsie!) And while many Scorpios like to keep a low profile, could flying under the radar be limiting your reach? It can be daunting to think about things like a social media strategy or even how to finesse your LinkedIn. But it IS figureoutable. Whether you post a single TikTok or not, give some thought to how you’d like to represent when people type your name into that little box on their screens. Get your greatest hits up there—or start recording your latest genius in some searchable form like a post or video.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Scorpios whose digital devices are starting to feel more like implanted appendages. Could you use a tech break for a day or two? If work demands that you’re online, you may not be able to log off completely, but what if you went dark on social and flagged any non-essential email to reply to, ohhh, let’s say Thursday. Yes, you’ll be missed, but guess what? No one’s world is going to fall apart if they have to wait 48 hours for a response! 

When spontaneous Uranus lands alongside starry-eyed Venus in Taurus this Saturday, don’t seal it with a kiss, a handshake or a hastily dashed deal memo. Agreeing to anything in haste is NOT the Scorpio M.O. but under these obfuscating skies, you could get THAT swept along in the moment. But you’re unlikely to have your wits about you—especially if an attractive person casts a spell on you. Let them know that you’re flattered but you’ll have to check a few things and get back to them on it. 

Some Scorpios might actually have the dawning (but irrefutable) realization that you’ve outgrown a certain bond. It’s not that you don’t adore the person in question. It’s just that the two of you may be marching down different paths. That said, ingenious Uranus can evoke a creative compromise that is totally unconventional…but might actually work!  

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