SHC provides notification to the government over the anticipated privatization of PIA.

On April 3, the high court requested responses from all parties while considering a petition over the possible privatization of the PIA.

The court also requested an explanation from the government regarding the anticipated privatization of the national airliner.

Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi stated that the petitioner has challenged the privatization statute. “Why is the petitioner against privatization?” Justice Abbasi said.

The petitioner’s lawyer stated that the law regarding the PIA had been modified in violation of the Companies Act.

“According to the 2016 legislation, the PIA has been a Public Limited Company,” said Zafar Taimoori, an advocate. “Federal government introduced amendment in the law under which it got the authority to privatize,” the lawyer added.

“Basically, this amendment violates the Companies Act,” the lawyer contended.

“What is concern of the Union, who is the owner of the company when it becomes privatized,” the chief justice of the court inquired.

“The law promulgated by the federal government has been wrong, this amendment could not be made in the law,” the attorney for the petitioners said.

“It is a public interest case,” the lawyer argued, pleading with the court to put the government on notice and seek a response.

“An modification to the 2016 law was introduced in 2023. Thousands of employees will lose their jobs if PIA is privatized,” Zafar Taimoori, a lawyer, pleaded.

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