Shibli Faraz and Omar Ayub prevent my meeting with the PTI founder: Marwat

In an interview with the media, he said that Shibli Faraz and Omar Ayub, who worked with the jail administration, blocked his meeting with the party’s founder. “Jail Superintendent told me that the PTI’s founder wants to meet me separately,” Marwat explained.

“When I come for meeting today, the jail superintendent didn’t allow me to meet him,” he claimed. “My meeting with the PTI founder was extremely necessary,” he explained.

“I am being paid back for my services to the PTI with the complaint of the party’s social media team against me,” he fumed.

He said that the founder of the PTI had appointed him to the political committee through Barrister Gohar. “My brother was the part of the KP cabinet, but he was suddenly de-notified,” stated him.

“If the PTI founder will ask me to tender resignation from the National Assembly, I comply without any hesitation,” Marwat told reporters.

“I am announcing as protest that I will not work with them,” said the man. “I will come for protest when the PTI founder will entrust me the responsibility,” said the politician.

“The PTI was a dead-horse when I raised it to the life,” said he.

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