Sikandar Sultan Raja, CEC, will examine the EVM system in Brazil.

A spokesperson for ECP said that the delegation, which includes Director General (IT) Muhammad Khizer Aziz, Director Nadeem Zubair, and Provincial Election Commissioner Aijaz Anwar Chohan, is deploying electronic voting machines (EVMs) throughout the nation in imitation of Brazil and India.

Brazil has one of the most developed and technologically advanced election systems in the world, according to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). As a result, the ECP has chosen to travel to Brazil in order to hold talks with senior representatives of the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

Several meetings were held with different department heads of the Tribunel Superior Electoral (TSE), Brazil’s Election Management Body, over the course of three days. The Secretary of Information Technology, the Secretary of Communication & Multimedia, and the Head of Identity Management all gave in-depth talks about their election systems and the Brazilian Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) at these meetings.

There was also an EVM demonstration. Among the main subjects covered were “Identification System being used in polling process,” “Initiatives for strengthening the social confidence on the electoral processes,” “Introduction to the Brazilian EVM,” and “Special Advisory for fighting disinformation.”

Ultimately, a crucial discussion was conducted on a number of crucial subjects, including the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs), between Chief Election Commission Sikandar Sultan Raja and Chief Justice Alexender de Moraes of the Superior Court of Brazil/President Tribunal Superior Electoral (TSE).

With an eye on launching pilot programs in Pakistan, the Election Commission intends to investigate Brazil’s electoral system in greater detail, especially as it relates to electronic voting machines. The Project Management Unit and the Information Technology Wing of the ECP will work together to complete this mission.

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