Snapchat introduces ChatGPT-like powerful tool free for all users

Snapchat has announced that it will be offering its GPT-powered AI chatbot, My AI, to every user for free at its annual developer conference. 

The move comes as the company aims to differentiate itself from its rivals, TikTok and Instagram. Previously, My AI was only available to paying members of Snapchat’s Snapchat+ subscription service. Users can now ask My AI factual questions, request creative content, and have back-and-forth conversations with the service, much like with ChatGPT. In addition, users can add My AI to group chats and even send photos to their AI helpers and receive AI-generated images in return. 

The AI chatbot is a critical part of Snap’s future, said Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, and sees the technology as “an awesome creative tool.” The chatbot has already been well-received, with more than 2 million chats per day already happening with My AI.

Snapchat is also introducing new tools to encourage creators to go viral on the platform. The new tools will allow creators to run a public page while posting privately for friends and family. 

Snapchat’s focus is on private communication, said Snap’s vice president of product, Jack Brody, but the new tools aim to split the difference. Eligible users will need at least 50,000 followers on the app, with 25m views and at least 10 public posts a month. If they meet the requirements, the company says it’s committed to helping them build a business and grow their audience, not rely on off-platform opportunities to earn money from their fame.

My AI was previously criticised for being inappropriate for Snapchat’s young users. In tests run by The Washington Post, the bot cheerily gave advice to a reporter claiming to be 12 years old about how to plan a “surprise trip” with their “30-year-old boyfriend,” where they intended to have sex for the first time. Now that the paid trial period is over, Brody says, the app will be more careful about providing age-appropriate advice.

Snapchat’s decision to offer My AI to every user for free is an attempt to differentiate itself from its rivals, TikTok and Instagram. The AI chatbot has already been well-received and will be an important part of Snap’s future. 

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