Taurus Weekly Horoscope

If you and Cupid haven’t been on speaking terms lately, the shift in your “relationship” could arrive this Tuesday, June 7. As a harmonizing quarter moon in Virgo shines its balancing beams into your fifth house of passion and amour, you might just be thrust into the crosshairs of his bow. But it probably won’t be THAT dramatic…and the good news is, it doesn’t have to be! Small moves can bring seismic shifts under a quarter moon. Like Taurus Lizzo, maybe you need to settle down in the salon chair and pamper yourself back to being “in the mood.” You’ll probably feel inspiredto take those photos (with the bomb lighting) to post on your profile.

Attached? Quarter moons restore equilibrium, bringing perspective to matters that have been veering off the rails. If it’s time to tamp down the drama in a relationship, this is your cue to be the bigger Bull. Do you really want to be stuck in an endless finger-pointing loop? That’s just a waste of your precious energy that could be better spent touring a vineyard or cuddling on the couch. If you’re light on intimacy but heavy on dutiful obligations, hit reset and make space for fun. Let your S.O. finish a thought before you rush to react or give feedback. You may realize that you were reading the situation all wrong. Listening—without interrupting!—is the ultimate form of respect and is likely to earn you a similar courtesy in return.

You’re no stranger to shock value, Taurus; in fact, catching people a little off guard is a Bull’s secret weapon. Use it to churn up excitement this Saturday as your ruler, charming Venus, hosts its annual summit with radical Uranus—this year (and from 2018-2026) in Taurus and your first house of self-expression. When you’re out socializing this weekend, ditch the formalities and unbridle yourself a bit. No, we’re not saying, you should be “that guy” getting sloppy or pushing people’s buttons on purpose. Just try to be more irreverent and open, sharing about yourself with honesty and humor. Since Venus is the cosmic love goddess, her mashup with spontaneous Uranus can give way to some sexy experimentation. Stay open to different types, and if things heat up, choose your safe word! When you open THAT door under these skies, things can get freaky, fast.

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