The anti-drug effort is being successfully carried out by the government and security personnel.

The military leadership and government of Pakistan have ordered the implementation of severe measures against drug traffickers nationwide with the goal of eliminating the addiction epidemic.

In many operations between April 21 and 28, the appropriate agencies reportedly apprehended 1318 drug dealers and confiscated 1025779 kg of drugs from locations across the nation.

Around this time, 252 kg of narcotics were collected from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including 197 kilogram of hashish, 51 kg of opium, and other substances. 73 kg of drugs were recovered from Balochistan, comprising 70 kg of hashish and 3 kg of meth.

Eighty-three kg of drugs, including four kg of meth, five kg of heroin, and seventy-three kg of hashish, were seized from Gilgit-Baltistan. A total of 167 kilograms of drugs were taken from Punjab, including 78 kg of hashish, 6 kg of meth, 81 kg of opium, and other materials. The officials in question seized 13 kilogram of drugs from Sindh.

Institutions involved are determined to continue their current efforts to remove drugs from the nation as a whole.

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