The commander of the Bahrain National Guard meets with Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Sidhu

Today in Islamabad, Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu received a visit from Commander Bahrain National Guard General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Isa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa.

The discussion covered a number of topics of common interest with the goal of enhancing government-to-government cooperation in the field of new technologies, with a focus on drone technology and cooperation in the networking and cyberspace.

With a careful eye toward future combat, he also highlighted several ongoing initiatives of the Pakistan Air Force’s operational build, force goals, and plans for the force structure. The Air Chief emphasized the long-standing religious and historical linkages as well as the deeply ingrained fraternal bonds between the two countries.

The Chief of the Air Staff stated, “Pakistan highly values its robust diplomatic, economic and defence partnership with Bahrain, marked by a convergence on critical issues related to regional peace, security and stability.”

The visiting dignitary expressed his admiration for the Pakistan Air Force’s outstanding advancements and the extraordinary professionalism of its members.

The commander of the Bahrain National Guard also went to PAF Cyber Command and received an update on the Pakistan Air Force’s operational capabilities.

The dignitary indicated his desire to send a specialized team to the PAF to evaluate and close any gaps in the Bahrain Armed Forces’ emerging technology architecture, expressing deep interest in the PAF’s accomplishments in the cyber domain.

The Commander of the Bahrain National Guard was comforted by the Air Chief of the PAF’s unwavering collaboration, and he received full support in their joint efforts to strengthen the technical frameworks of the Bahrain Armed Forces.

The Air Chief emphasized the strong fraternal ties that exist between the two countries.

The PAF’s modernization push, which aims to improve present operational capacity in the fields of cyber, space, artificial intelligence, electronic warfare, and niche technologies, was broadly outlined by the Chief of Air Staff.

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