The court postpones Bushra’s indictment in the £190 million PTI case.

The indictment was returned without a trial until February 23.

Adiala Jail was required to host a hearing for the matter before an accountability court judge. Nasir Javed Rana, the recently appointed judge, hasn’t yet taken over in his new position.

Recall that the indictment was delayed at prior sessions due to Judge Muhammad Bashir’s unavailability. Muhammad Bashir, the judge who had requested a lengthy leave of absence till his retirement, was replaced by a fresh appointment.

NCA’s £190 million scandal

Imran Khan, his wife, and other individuals are the subject of an inquiry by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) over the purported acquisition of hundreds of canals of land under the name of Al Qadir University Trust, which is said to have cost the national exchequer 190 million pounds.

The former prime minister and other accused parties are accused of manipulating Rs50 billion, or 190 million pounds at the time, that was provided to the government by the British National Crime Agency (NCA).

On December 26, 2019, the PTI head registered a trust for the Al-Qadir University project.

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